indulge oneself

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Me Time - seeking relaxation and entertainment in order to indulge oneself or pass the time e.
It is not necessary to indulge oneself in the contemplation of coffee's history to get a sense of coffee's exotic nature.
To luxuriate - To take luxurious pleasure; indulge oneself.
This is an excellent time to immerse oneself in stimulating change, to launch a pilot project, or to indulge oneself in an innovative endeavor that truly arouses one's curiosity.
The desire to indulge oneself or make an appropriate gesture is more important where chocolate is concerned and this will be influenced by associated brand personality, product quality and presentation.
ONE of the reasons for going on holiday is to indulge oneself.
It is not a book one necessarily reads from cover to cover but rather a book that one dips into from time to time either because the papers are germane to an interest being pursued or simply to indulge oneself in a fun read.
Days at sea offer an array of stimulating activity, as well as time to indulge oneself in a lavish spa treatment.