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To help consumers avoid experiencing a vacation disaster, Marriott has extended the availability of its Vacation Profile Self-Test, the fun, easy-to-take test which helps vacationers plan the most satisfying vacation possible by determining their Vacation Profile: Athlete, Adventurer, Romantic or Indulger.
The biggest indulgers, typically those aged 16-24, are likely to have so many mince pies, chocolate treats and alcoholic drinks in the run-up to Christmas they will consume 30,000 extra calories, a survey found.
Indulgers can find a satisfying finish to the meal with tantalizing dessert options including banana cream pie and Stone's famous chocolate cake.
Only Mmampe, Smit and Maria, as the original and incorrigible indulgers, find the whole episode hilarious.
THE Welsh clergy and the inn have often been at loggerheads: it would, however, be difficult for churchgoers and indulgers in rather more than the odd sip of communion wine not to engage with each other in Llanelian yn Rhos.
His indulgers suggest he needs fire in his temperament to play at his best.
Golfers will appreciate two fabulously laid-out 18-hole courses and indulgers will revel in all the treatments the spa
Savor the island's epicurean treats at the Swizzle Inn, where indulgers have been said to swagger out.
Impulsives 18% Conflicteds 17% Bargain 15% Hunters Self-Expressives 28% Careful 23% Indulgers Note: Table made from pie chart.