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Celtic's decision to sell 27-goal Mark Viduka to Leeds has cost shirts indulgers the prospect of more mayhem from the man in the 36 shirt.
The Healthy Indulgers and Ailing Outgoers are the two groups most likely to be in the market for new housing.
In the 55-and-over markets, you could design skin-care products for the Healthy Hermits (20 million people), Ailing Outgoers (18 million), or Healthy Indulgers (7 million).
Music is a big draw for the annual event and a recent poll on the festival's Facebook page showed that fans are most excited to see Albannach, The Indulgers, Colcannon, Seven Nations and McPeake - and each of the 17 scheduled bands has a strong following and is expected to draw a crowd.
Ninety percent of 'night-time eaters' are indulgers - they diet during the day and don't get enough calories, and in the middle of night they eat anything.
healthy indulgers, healthy hermits, ailing outgoers and frail recluses) founded on an idea that movement from one stage to another is age-irrelevant and can begin and end abruptly at various points in life (Moschis, Lee, and Mathur 1997).
Dawn Collinson and Janet Tansley spoke to three self-confessed indulgers AT the age of 20, despite being a smoker for four years already, Stuart Rennie is in no rush to quit.
Banned in most of Europe and the United States, the drink made from the root of a pepper plant is a mild narcotic which can make indulgers very relaxed and drowsy.
Indulgers can accompany their libations of choice with one of the many delectable dishes the restaurant is known for.
Like-minded indulgers in festive food and entertainment believe this five-day cruise through the scenic and atmospheric Rhine Gorge is the perfect antidote to those dreary British November days.