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A team is reporting this month, in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, that the workers who handled World Trade Center debris in Staten Island and on barges were about as likely to develop asthma to workers who were exposed to World Trade Center dust while working at the World Trade Center site.
3) Department of Community and Industrial Medicine, Faculty of Medicine (G), El-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt
British Journal of Industrial Medicine, 45(8), 509-515.
Authors of the message emphasised the remarkable progress made by the sector of industrial medicine and occupational safety at the legislative and structural levels as well as efforts to endow institutions with qualified human resources.
In fact, in a study of computer users reported in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, over half of employees who use computers for at least 15 hours per week reported musculoskeletal disorder issues in the first year of a new job.
He began his medical training at Kings College, London, and Westminster Hospital following World War II, and had key interests and involvement in aviation and industrial medicine.
That link has been bolstered by an Austrian study, based on clinical evidence, published in the June 2007 issue of the American Journal of Industrial Medicine.
Under his direction the company has extended its reach beyond the management of acute, chronic pain to include such other specialties as orthopedics, neurology, oncology, psychiatry, physical rehabilitation and industrial medicine.
Pearson, who practices family, sports, and industrial medicine in San Marcos, Calif.
New research published in American Journal of Industrial Medicine believes the powerful chemicals in hair dye may be responsible.
Petralia, "Mortality of a Police Cohort: 1950-1990, American Journal of Industrial Medicine 33, no.
Zinsser was in tune with Edsall's social views; despite internal opposition, the dean had appointed Alice Hamilton (1869-1970), a pioneer of industrial medicine, first woman assistant professor, not only in the medical school but in all of Harvard University (10).

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