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The close links between the MA degree and the Business School's Industrial Relations Research Unit ensures that teaching benefits from the most recent research and is always of contemporary relevance.
The major exception was in the industrial relations training reference where a postal survey of 6,000 establishments was undertaken.
The most conspicuous dimension of the state involvement in the growth of industrial relations in Nigeria is the impact of economic and employment situations.
Accordingly, we expected that industrial relations climate would play a mediating role in the relationship between distributive justice climate and job performance, thus indicating the presence of a cross-level link.
In the early stages of Joe's career, he tended to view industrial relations largely through the lens of labour economics and did not accord as much importance to the role of institutions as he did in later years.
Additionally, it justifies why Italy and Greece can be construed as "hard cases" for claims of institutional change, especially in the spheres of industrial relations and corporate governance.
In May 2008 a special issue of ELRR sub-titled 'Beyond WorkChoices: Remaking Industrial Relations in Australia' sought to capture (and perhaps direct) the legislative expectations of the newly elected Rudd Labor Government.
The JI senator said that it was unfortunate that the Industrial Relations Act had expired, as it protected the rights of labourers.
He has also been a visiting scholar in the Harvard University economics department, a visiting researcher in the Industrial Relations Section at Princeton University, and a research fellow at the London School of Economics.
The Workplace Relations Amendment (WorkChoices) Act 2005 and the Workplace Relations Regulations 2006 commenced on 27 March 2006 introducing the most significant changes to the regulation of industrial relations in Australia since 1904, when the federal industrial relations system was established.
In accordance with the requirements of the Industrial Relations Act 1991 [NSW], the attention of members is drawn to the provisions of Sub-sections (1) and (2) of Section 512 which read as follows:
The union said the Labour Minister's proposal included binding arbitration and the implementation of the Industrial Relations Code.

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