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We call on the science community to support the peace talks as scientists will play a vital role in pursuing national industrialization and economic development.
Shehbaz Sharif directed concerned authorities to evolve a comprehensive mechanism for the implementation of the steps taken under industrialization strategy and timeline should be fixed for the achievement of targets in this regard and its implementation be ensured.
McKinley's cases in this study can be viewed as useful sources of information for students of Southern industrialization.
It is the reality that industrialization process was put on track in the province in 1980 when Pak-Iran textile mills at Quetta and Uthal were established.
Acyl said the AU's Common African position on the SDGs addresses the unfinished business of the MDGs by focusing on trade diversification, industrialization and value addition through the strengthening of productive capacity and the manufacturing of raw commodities across sectors.
He also noted that during the implementation of the first five-year plan of industrialization there was started a point work with domestic and foreign investors on the creation of new facilities.
It recommends stronger institutions and policies to foster that industrialization.
offer this encyclopedia of industrialization from 1563-2011.
They face a more complex, and daunting set of circumstances than the developing countries that embarked on industrialization after 1950.
Industrialization and the Transformation of American Life: A Brief Introduction.
This transformation will need massive industrialization to drive it.
This year's Africa Industrialization Day highlights the important role intra-African trade can play in reducing poverty, increasing food and nutrition security and supporting sustainable development.