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ARE the industries of this country in a flourishing condition?
An avenue of trees rose above these new houses, and from among them came the confused sounds of several industries.
Agents reported up through one of LMSB's five Industries, depending on the industry segment of taxpayers they served.
As a result, the allocation plans missed several large industries (the chemical and aluminum industries, for instance) and ignored important non-industrial sectors of the economy, including the notoriously difficult-to-control transportation sector.
The panel features research experts from five industries, including:
We saw the need for something like STRIDE when we saw how other industries benefited from a broad approach to meet consumer demands," says Dewayne Dill, Dairy Strategies senior consultant.
Industries include consumer products, entertainment and financial services.
The IRS currently has 20 nationwide industries that comprise Examination's Industry Specialization program.
com Fort Wayne Mold and Engineering Gamir Engineering Gluco Gougler Industries, Inc.
produced castings is the car and light truck industries.
Industries include telecommunications, legal, pharmaceuticals, media and financial services.
The SIC codes are arranged by one-digit divisions, two-digit major groups of industries, three-digit industry groups and four-digit industries.

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