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We'll definitely have our 67 blankets by the summer, what with everyone who's knitting away industriously in Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos as well as Larnaca," says Stephanie delightedly.
If anyone studied the related science industriously, the walking muscles could be directed- and that person would fall on his/her face.
Cook is hardly the first to deconstruct the Genovese case, but his account is industriously comprehensive, even if larded with extraneous detail about everything from the geology of Manhattan to Donald Trump's father" EDWARD KOSNER
So far, there has been little attempt to tinker with a formula that has seen Moussa Sissoko shifted to the right with two central midfielders asked to work industriously behind a number ten and striker, or a forward pairing.
Then she rushes up to her extremely messy room and stacks papers, books, puts away toys, and sweeps industriously, bit by itty bitty bit.
Put that way, it has the feel of a mob attack on someone who is industriously attempting to commit suicide: Syria is, after all, in the process of self-destruction.
They chatted eagerly with the renowned sculptor, all the while industriously rolling, twisting, smoothing, and scoring their creations.
But the search for alternative labourers, as Epstein reveals, was fraught with racial preoccupations, as the government searched for populations that might work industriously and survive tropical conditions.
Chen, a former world junior champion from Hubei who is beginning to reach his peak at 23, can take some credit for that, remaining tough, solid and consistent, and covering the court industriously when it mattered most.
Enter Sherman Alexie: A Collection of Essays, coedited by Jeff Berglund and Jan Roush--published as Alexie is industriously producing new work.
He's still working industriously for the cause but has notched only once in six matches since his return from the African Cup of Nations.
Suffice to say that he was soon off all his other medications and industriously working with his beloved wood once again, happily supporting his extended family.

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