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Moreover, while conscientiousness (Rhodes & Smith, 2006) and industriousness (Bogg, 2008) are associated with exercise, grit may assess traits related to stamina and perseverance better than conscientiousness and industriousness and thus grit may be worth considering in the study of exercise behavior, particularly when exercise is examined with respect to effort and persistence.
I commend the community on their industriousness and entrepreneurship.
With the role of imagination playing a strong theme, discussion encompasses Europe and the gift economies in North America, the Church and pricing, gifts in the commercializing Indian trade, industriousness, and treaties, among other topics.
He stressed that the Cuban people always consider Vietnamese as their own flesh and blood and admire the industriousness, braveness and intelligence and revolutionary struggling tradition of Vietnamese people.
One example of their industriousness can actually be seen from outer space.
Other options for Ferguson are Tom Cleverley, who has plenty of energy but is better going forward, and Anderson, who can perhaps provide the best combination of defensive and offensive industriousness, but would be a risk to rely upon on such a big occasion.
undertook everything with enthusiasm, and was known for his industriousness, commitment and attention to detail.
In particular, fetal nicotine may be associated with impairment in areas recruited for the effortful control of behavior in later childhood, a time when task-orientation and industriousness are imperative for academic success.
A woman's wrapper from Sulawesi, that was tied at the bust and at the waist to make flounces, records the industriousness of its maker, who in the 1960s-when Torontonians were cutting off hems to make mini-skirts--created the cloth by beating bark for days, making a sound that reverberated across the region and communicated to neighbours the progress and quality of her cloth.
We need to learn industriousness and bravery from the Japanese people," Almazbek Atambaev said.

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