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The indwelling ureteric stent: a ‘friendly' procedure with unfriendly high morbidity.
2,3,6] Of those, 80 percent of UTIs are attributable to indwelling urinary catheterization.
7,8] Indeed, it is reported that clean ISC is more suitable than indwelling catheterization in patients who require long-term bladder drainage as a means of minimizing the histological changes that occur in the bladder mucosa that may predispose and lead to malignant transformation.
Although less well studied, medically important fungal biofilms also exist and have similar properties of antimicrobial resistance and attachment to indwelling medical appliances (3-5).
ImaCor manufactures the ClariTEE[R] probe, the only miniaturized, indwelling TEE probe suitable for long-term clinical settings.
The main challenges with current urinary management options are catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) that are common with indwelling catheters, and discomfort and leakage when using condom catheters.
InHealth Technologies introduces the Biota-Singer[R] Indwelling ADVANTAGE[TM] voice prosthesis.
It is possible that the potential benefits of right heart catheterization are offset in part by the physiologic burden of indwelling instrumentation," the researchers said.
Microorganisms commonly attach to living and nonliving surfaces, including those of indwelling medical devices, and form biofilms made up of extracellular polymers.
Develop written guidelines for urinary catheterization, including indications for indwelling urinary catheterization and ensuring that catheter placement is limited to patients who meet indications.
She reported that she had received an indwelling nasogastric tube for approximately 6 weeks prior to the placement of a gastrostomy tube.
Potential systemic infection related to indwelling bladder catheter (no reason was found in the record for the catheter)