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ISLAMABAD, December 30, 2011 (Frontier Star): Senior politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has warned that any decline ineffectively of Parliament would spell disaster for Pakistan.
EnergyMaster monitors the energy consumption of the machines and prevents energy losses through real time alarms or detailed analysis and pinpoints areas where energy is wasted or used ineffectively.
Football is trying to clean up its act by cracking down - it has to be said most ineffectively - on the practice of simulation, or diving.
Despite substantial supply chain disruption losses from past events, many companies operating in the global marketplace continue to manage the risk of supply chain disruption ineffectively.
Most large-scale fraud takes place when businesses are busy, and checks and balances are either absent or when firms operate ineffectively.
He starts with a discussion about the benefits of manure and how ineffectively we deal with most of it, and includes chapter-by-chapter discussions of various livestock manures and their value as fertilizer--you'll be surprised by how much there is to learn
4) They too show that prenatal screening and diagnosis for DS-based AMA is working ineffectively in the Cape Town health district assessed, and this appears to be representative of a broader trend in South Africa.
If you aren't making a conscious effort to manage your tone of voice, the way you stand, and the words you use, you risk delivering your message ineffectively and leaving your recipient with the wrong impression.
When healthy he pitched ineffectively tallying three wins against six defeats in 120 innings pitched.
Financial regulation can be used to help eschew housing bubbles, but policies were ineffectively enforced in the last several years, Bernanke said.
Like most people I was disgusted to see how ineffectively the authorities had dealt with the problem.
Laws criminalising HIV exposure are drafted too broadly and often punish behaviour that is not blameworthy, as well as being applied unfairly, selectively and ineffectively.