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By undermining the dog's virility, Jak simultaneously reveals that the dog reflects his own feelings of ineffectuality and attempts to reassert his masculinity through enacting abusive behaviour.
Church merged in Percy with his sense of the growing ineffectuality of
In "Chu-bu and Sheemish" we can see Dunsany invoking further negative stereotypes about the non-European Other, irrationality and ineffectuality.
9) According to Hess, contemporary environmental writing is marked by its treatment of nature as a catalogue of endangered exotic locations, species, and populations, which is partly accurate, but which also partly contributes to the ineffectuality of environmental thought and action.
Members of corporate volunteer councils (eves), groups of businesses that come together to discuss and share best practices on employee volunteer programs, need to have a shared vision and open lines of communication between the various entities or risk ineffectuality, according to members of HandsOn Network's Corporate Volunteer Council Advisory Council (CVCAC).
The greatest example of the Arab League's ineffectuality is, of course, the fact that it has been unable to do anything to improve the Palestinians' situation in more than 60 years.
What is perhaps most galling is the ineptitude and ineffectuality of the state administration in dealing with these virtual insurrections.
In the character of Daan, Van Niekerk seems to be grappling with exactly this sense of the ineffectuality of the artist or writer in South Africa.
But defensive shortcomings cost them dearly again when David Luiz's ineffectuality caused chaos in the Chelsea area and Lavezzi made it three.
Bulworth DEPRESSED at his own corrupt ineffectuality, Warren Beatty's US senator hires a hit-man to assassinate him and takes the short time he's got left to fearlessly speak the truth to the voters for the first time in his career.
Generally when a conductor is described as "not getting in the way" it means that he realises his ineffectuality and lets the players get on with it; but here that expression is a tribute to Curtis' assiduous rehearsal and deliberately understated presence in performance.
Implicitly expressing maternal bereavement, Sonnet 84 is significantly addressed "To The Muse," replicating the idea of art's ineffectuality in compensating for emotional misery: