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Having pleaded ineffectually first for another half-mile, and afterwards for another quarter, Newman was fain to comply, and to shape his course towards Golden Square, after interchanging many hearty and affectionate farewells, and many times turning back to wave his hat to the two wayfarers when they had become mere specks in the distance.
Many a village Bose, fit only to course a mud-turtle in a victualling cellar, sported his heavy quarters in the woods, without the knowledge of his master, and ineffectually smelled at old fox burrows and woodchucks' holes; led perchance by some slight cur which nimbly threaded the wood, and might still inspire a natural terror in its denizens; -- now far behind his guide, barking like a canine bull toward some small squirrel which had treed itself for scrutiny, then, cantering off, bending the bushes with his weight, imagining that he is on the track of some stray member of the jerbilla family.
She was sunk in a pit of blackness, with but that small square of pallid light framing the star that she had so whimsically and oh, so ineffectually named.
John Willet was so amazed by the exasperation and boldness of his hopeful son, that he sat as one bewildered, staring in a ludicrous manner at the boiler, and endeavouring, but quite ineffectually, to collect his tardy thoughts, and invent an answer.
The irresolute fingers fluttered more and more ineffectually about the trembling lip on every such occasion, and the sharpest practitioners gave him up as a hopeless job.
Lively, after ineffectually standing on tiptoe, in the hope of catching sight of him, again forced himself into the little chair, and, exchanging a shake of the head with a lady in the opposite shop, in which doubt and mistrust were plainly mingled, resumed his pipe with a grave demeanour.
and marked the first time that the Roman Empire had effectively lost control of her borders; from that time on, the eastern frontier was ineffectually guarded, allowing a stream of violent, undesirable invaders to enter the empire unimpeded from the east.
Yet the Belgian keeper reacted as if he was dealing with a lethal grenade, leaping to fist it away ineffectually when a simple catch would have done.
As demonstrated by the Torino process, ETF partner countries report a range of threats to VET quality that include: tension between VET purpose and functions and VET policy and expectations; fragmented institutional frameworks and governance; insufficient or ineffectually employed resources; weak involvement of labour market and civil society partners; inadequate teacher/trainer development coupled with low social status; obsolete qualifications and curricula; overly dependent or under-regulated provider institutions; poor articulation between policy and practice; outdated methodologies and unfavourable image.
In all too many cases, the answer was outside pushing in, either ineffectually or indiscriminately and destructively.
Quite how Shinnie found so much freedom or Parish left his line so ineffectually, Clark was entitled to wonder.
Brianna's father beat a wooden spoon on the counter, trying ineffectually to get Karol's and Brianna's attention.