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I wonder, though, just what the Sky pundit would make of the England team he so ineffectually coached.
across Shop-Rite's parking lot when he spotted my father, Greek-born and raised in a mule-track village, standing at the edge of the pavement urinating onto a clump of weeds and who--after my father put up a conciliatory hand and ineffectually, incongruently, humiliatingly responded by lofting the mere word "Yes?
When a group of five members of the LCC established Renewal in 1993, we felt that the former had run its course, though it stumbled on ineffectually before winding itself up five years later.
Yet the Belgian keeper reacted as if he was dealing with a lethal grenade, leaping to fist it away ineffectually when a simple catch would have done.
As demonstrated by the Torino process, ETF partner countries report a range of threats to VET quality that include: tension between VET purpose and functions and VET policy and expectations; fragmented institutional frameworks and governance; insufficient or ineffectually employed resources; weak involvement of labour market and civil society partners; inadequate teacher/trainer development coupled with low social status; obsolete qualifications and curricula; overly dependent or under-regulated provider institutions; poor articulation between policy and practice; outdated methodologies and unfavourable image.
In all too many cases, the answer was outside pushing in, either ineffectually or indiscriminately and destructively.
Quite how Shinnie found so much freedom or Parish left his line so ineffectually, Clark was entitled to wonder.
The mother cries and ineffectually pulls at the man's arm, helpless against his greater size and strength.
There's something almost Chekhovian in the way these characters ineffectually deal with their individual failures.
He challenges conventional theories, arguing that jihadist attacks are now organized by international and regional networks working ineffectually to achieve their goals.
And we see the experience at Barnard and other institutions as cautionary tales of what can happen when collaboration does not occur, or occurs ineffectually, for whatever reasons.
The insistent repetition that surrounds it, in contrast, is oddly garrulous: its form consists in continuously rearticulating a designation of absence, as if ineffectually castigating a noisy child.