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of the inefficacy (adjective modifying "experience")
Three patients in the melatonin group and 1 in the placebo group withdrew due to treatment inefficacy.
Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) former president Sheikh Abdul Majeed said that it was needed to bring reforms in tax system to broadening the tax base, adding that tax payers were facing a number of problems owing to inefficacy of tax authorities.
13) Government representatives and advocates working with women have identified the principal obstacles to the prevention, prosecution, and punishment of these crimes of violence; these include inefficacy and bias in the justice system, confusion by judicial actors over the applicable laws, and lack of access to counsel, shelters, and other support (Grupo Guatemalteco de Mujeres 2010; IACHR 2007, 2011; Portillo Najera 2012; Procuradurfa de Derechos Humanos 2011).
One of the most important factors for the regulation of human behaviour is self-efficacy, mainly the perceived inefficacy that makes the person judge a situation as stressful [7].
10,11) Suboptimal implementation may reflect perceived lack of diagnostic accuracy of TST, or perceived inefficacy of LTBI treatment.
There are some drugs which have the potential to raise blood glucose and lead to inefficacy of an oral hypoglycaemic drug.
the Inefficacy of Limiting Instructions--nicely captures the consensus.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian lawmaker dismissed as media campaign Israel's boastful claims about the unbeatable power of its missile defense system, known as the 'Iron Dome', and said Palestinians' successful rocket and missile attacks during the recent Gaza war showed vulnerability and inefficacy of Israel's so-called shield.
In this review, we will provide a summary of the cellular metabolism of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and its role in pathophysiological processes such as atherosclerosis; and currently available antioxidants and possible reasons for their efficacy and inefficacy in ameliorating oxidative stress-mediated diseases.
While there is no issue like corruption which saw the Anna Hazares, Ramdevs and Arvind Kejriwals take centrestage in the past, the rapidly deteriorating state of the hapless gang rape victim has become a talking point, equally a symbol of repression and inefficacy of the state.
Although initially all epidural catheters provided acceptable pain relief, five epidural catheters had to be removed early due to inefficacy (three catheters removed after 24 hours and two catheters after 48 hours).