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In combination, those effects potentially produce inefficiencies, thereby generating operating costs above (u > 0) the minimum efficient cost frontier.
Determinants of Inefficiencies among Sampled Statice Farmers.
He need only read Spike Milligan's marvellously funny memories of serving in the British Army during the Second World War, to know that logistical inefficiencies, messups and general management incompetencies are an inescapable product of centralised control - regardless of country of origin.
Our holistic TradeCycle solution and effective collateral management strategies reduce operational inefficiencies and costs.
The traditional, top-down inefficiencies occur because the imposition of the price floor eliminates some mutually beneficial trades from taking place.
This information then flows seamlessly into servicing, which reduces time and inefficiencies due to data re-entry errors.
An EEM system can deliver the information needed to accurately represent the true cost of doing business, and help to identify procedures or areas that exhibit energy inefficiencies or waste.
The jail division will move from Papa's Office of Support Services to Gascon's Office of Operations, which Bratton said will integrate the LAPD's processing of inmates into its day-to-day operations, reducing delays and inefficiencies.
He feels that though alternatives pay off by exploiting market inefficiencies, the large infusions of new capital into these strategies chase away the inefficiencies.
DMOD's solutions prevent high-value content from being distributed in unauthorized ways, while simultaneously addressing inefficiencies in the digital production workflow.
Given the enormous potential for improvement, the aftermarket business of tomorrow will surely shed much of the inventory and inefficiencies it has today.
By monitoring and controlling systems through computers, temperatures can be monitored and controlled by using variable frequency drives, again reducing inefficiencies, he points out.