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Evaluation of inelastic deformation capacity of beams subjected to cyclic loading, ACI Structural Journal 107(5): 507-515.
Three characteristic features of the model are to be mentioned: (i) strain energy density is presented as the sum of mechanical energies stored in individual chains and the energy of their interaction with crystallites, (ii) the plastic strain tensor is split into the sum of two components that reflect inelastic deformations in the crystalline and amorphous phases, and (iii) damage accumulation under cyclic deformation is thought of as a two-step process that involves lamellar fragmentation and alignment of broken lamellar pieces along the direction of loading.
The sequence of member yielding, inelastic deformation of critical members, maximum interstorey drifts and the possible collapse mechanisms of the buildings can be determined based on pushover analysis results.
Recently an improved non-iterative capacity spectrum method according to the equivalent systems for estimating the maximum inelastic deformation of existing structures has been proposed [6].
Knowledge of size dependencies in inelastic deformation is far less developed for polymers.
The mechanism of inelastic deformation in glassy polymers might be craze formation or shear banding: see Hertzberg (3).
This approach also requires a significant amount of iPP inelastic deformation to produce large strains.
A superimposed tensile hydrostatic stress increases the volume, and the molecular arrangement will be less dense, and thus resistance to the inelastic deformation will decrease.
Amoedo and Lee (9) proposed a model to describe the large inelastic deformation of glassy and semicrystalline polymers based on isotropic formulations of viscoplasticity.