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INELIGIBILITY. The incapacity to be lawfully elected.
     2. This incapacity arises from various, causes, and a person may be incapable of being elected to one office who may, be elected to another; the incapacity may also be perpetual or temporary.
     3.-1. Among perpetual inabilities may be reckoned, 1. The inability of women to be elected to a public office. 2. Of citizens born in a foreign country to be elected president of the United States.
     4.-2. Among the temporary inabilities may be mentioned, 1. The holding of an office declared by law to be incompatible with the one sought. 2. The non-payment of the taxes required by law. 3. The want of certain property qualifications required by the constitution. 4. The want of age, or being over the age required. Vide Eligibility. Incompatibility.

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3, Pathan is entitled to the full credit against that period of ineligibility for the provisional suspension that he has been serving since 28 October 2017.
The remaining 10 weeks of ineligibility commenced on the 26th February 2017, the date of his last participation in the Kerry panel.
Furthermore, survivors have the right to appeal a determination of ineligibility in writing within 60 days from the date shown on the letter.
5) The jury's statutory power to recommend clemency was later replaced with a power to recommend parole ineligibility when capital punishment was abolished in 1976.
While The Young Master had received no unfair advantage in running yesterday, suggestions that officials should bend the rules to allow him to keep the race if his ineligibility is confirmed are well intentioned but misplaced.
Nurses deemed only 3% of women to be ineligible for oral contraceptive use because of hypertension, despite the fact that 11% of women had blood pressure at or above the threshold for ineligibility proposed by the World Health Organization (140/90 mm Hg).
His ineligibility came to light in January when he joined Harlow who found out about his suspension.
Four other local volunteers were among 24 Oregonians with ineligibility files created during the two-decade period.
We impose the following sanctions: On Mr Butt a sanction of 10 years ineligibility, five years of which are suspended on condition that he commits no further breach of the code and that he participates under the auspices of the Pakistan Cricket Board in a programme of Anti-Corruption education.
Sindh sports minister Dr Muhammad Ali Shah could not contest the elections because of his ineligibility as per the constitution of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).
If the average cost for nursing home care was $3,500, the period of ineligibility for Medicaid would be 40 months ($140,000 4 $3,500 = 40).
Directorate of Youth and Sport, a Turkish national arbitration board specialised in sport-related disputes, which, in May 2008, reduced the sanction to four years' ineligibility.