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Under Notice 2015-37, an individual who may enroll in a Children's Health Insurance buy-in program (CHIP) that has been recognized as minimum essential coverage by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will be treated as eligible for minimum essential coverage under the program, and therefore ineligible for a premium tax credit, only for the period the individual is enrolled.
MOTHERWELL defender Brian McLean's Northern Ireland career is over after FIFA confirmed him ineligible to play for Lawrie Sanchez's side.
As government employees, direct hires and PSC employees are ineligible for the foreign earned income exclusion; see 48 CFR Chapter 7, Appendix D, Direct USAID Contracts With A U.
Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns last week announced the results of an investigation into the ineligible shipment of veal that was sent to Japan last month.
Division Two West Tondu have been penalised six points for fielding an ineligible player and failing to fulfil a fixture, while Division Three East Dinas Powys have suffered the same fate.
Before applying the appropriate advance rate (typically 85%), the A/R lender will eliminate certain ineligible items from the base, including contractual reserves, aged receivables (i.
Around 104 tons of beef the government purchased in a beef-buyback program introduced in October 2001 to help farmers cope with mad cow disease have been found to be ineligible for the scheme, farm ministry officials said Saturday.
Unless GCM receives specific approval under section 4(c)(8) of the BHC Act to conduct the incidental activities independently, any revenues from such activities must be treated as ineligible revenues subject to the Board's revenue limitation.
If the co-op owns more than three units, all the units will be ineligible.
discovered it was erroneously covering benefits for 50,000 ineligible dependents a huge, wasteful cost.