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He does express the fear and the pain that the unconscious understanding of the truth causes him, the frustration that the ineluctability of his destiny imposes to him, and thus the resignation.
The truth is that what inevitably results in such cases is further proof of what Homi Bhabha has convincingly demonstrated: the ineluctability of the experience of hybridity for writers who are postcolonialist or who have to resource in some way the language (and with it the structures) of the other.
But what is extraordinary is not so much the virulence of the phenomenon as the aura of ineluctability that attends it.
the ineluctability of desire) appears in its most arcane form during an "uncanny" tableau that Jeffries witnesses from his window shortly after he begins to watch Thorwald's "naked back" with his spyglass.
Finally, there is another level to Catlin's picturesque that connotes the ineluctability of Osceola's perspective in resisting removal and threatening American sovereignty.
De Man would liberate us from the traditional tyranny of the signified, only to take us to the task of meditating perpetually on the ineluctability of the sign.
Fellini's fashion shows in his films, and in Roma in particular, are the precursors of shows by Alexander McQueen and John Galliano both visually and theoretically: in their extreme fashions, contradictions, sickness, beauty, the clownesque, and excess are distinct features, as well as the fragility, the ephemeral nature of the "now" time of fashion--not to mention the ineluctability of death (Evans).
They don't seem to be a performance"; "I don't consider you a threat to social norms--but you do") and ultimately denying the ineluctability of the institutionalization of contemporary art: "If you leave this system behind .
Confrontations in Hoffmann's tales such as that between Ferdinand and the redende Turke are typically read in terms of the "fatal threat" posed by the other--thus following the poet's own suggestion--whereas what I take here to be the critical and characteristic feature of Hoffmann's treatment of alterity is that, for all its ineluctability, the form in which alterity "finally" (re)emerges remains to be decided.
And yet we may recognize a certain sad ineluctability in the insect's demise.
Said, on the contrary, defends clearly the possibility of attaining knowledge, in spite of the ineluctability of interpretive mediation in human matters, and of the fact that humans are immersed in space, time, and culture, etc.
Positively, it means the acceptance of the originality and ineluctability of interpretation.