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The Life Cycles of Inequity series, like all of the work we engage in at Race Forward, highlights significant structural factors that contribute to inequity," said Rinku Sen, Executive Director of Race Forward.
The above picture of the SSN generates conflicting expectations about SES-related inequity of access to health care in Italy.
It also doesn't address the inherent inequity which already exists between the differing policies towards this group of medicines by two very different governments in Cardiff Bay and Westminster.
Unfortunately, two years into the five-year phase-in, the state could no longer continue to provide funding to correct the inequity," he said.
This inequity means that the self-employed pay a 15.
Health inequity reduces the quality of life for everyone.
This inequity likely will result in continued litigation between taxpayers and the IRS over legal fees and ongoing litigation over the personal injury allocation issue.
of California-Los Angeles) traces how race mixture within Chicano/a cultural production has helped embody both the awareness of social inequity and the contradictions that those inequities have generated.
The article presents a robust methodology to find and eliminate any significant inequity that may be present In residential property assessment.
Global warming and global inequity are linked, as global warming exacerbates poverty.
a specialist and market-making firm inequity and other securities, plans to invest $7-8 million as it moves part of its operations to a new location at 33 Whitehall Street in Lower Manhattan and retain more than 500 jobs in Lower Manhattan.
Thomas (R-CA), Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, to correct an inequity in the tax law without increasing complexity and with little revenue effect.