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Sovereign aspiration, which is deeply rooted in the experience and aftermath of World War II, may have something to do with this growing awareness of ineradicable ambivalence.
In this far more complicated scenario, male and female anatomies take on the contrary significance of permanent residues--shameful ineradicable sites--of illicit coupling, bodycenotaphs of the moment the boy put his lips on his sister's hairy vagina or the father hid there, his penis giving shape to her whole body as it nourished the unborn through the fontanel, a pulsating soft spot, surrounded by tuzzy hair, on top of the baby's head that mirrors the end of his discharging urethra, just as the whole parturient body replicates a giant penis emerging from the vagina (Gillison 1993: 199-221).
23) One is reminded of Dostoevsky's critique of the Russian Nihilists, who, in his view, actually asserted another faith under the guise of supposed rational certainty, the fundamental human need for faith being ineradicable.
Modernity and post-modernity, with their different ways of arriving at truth, meaning, purpose, and value, account for these basic ideas and help explain why such issues as the diversity of world religions, the ineradicable pluralism of different anthropologies and cosmologies, and the necessity of ecumenism among Christian churches are unavoidable and offer new opportunities for mutual understanding and cooperation in the human family.
On the long and bloody march to Berlin, the Red Army missed few opportunities to rape and pillage, thus habituating its victims to violence, an ineradicable feature of Stalinist regimes.
Howard describes the ineradicable significance of apparently minor details and the thrown shadow of the father after death.
Many think that war is an ineradicable part of human nature that will always plague society.
Although inclusivistic and exclusivistic strategies seem effective against syncretism to their defenders in the short term, over the long haul they inevitably will be surpassed and swept away by the successor religious forms that inevitably will arise to fulfill the ineradicable religious impulses of humanity, should it continue into the future.
Thought to have entered the United States on seedlings imported from Japan in 1910, the disease has been declared ineradicable by the U.
King wrote that "the arc of history is long but it bends toward justice," and we should not be surprised as new and growing movements around us reveal an unquenchable and ineradicable longing for simple justice.
But an apparently ineradicable substrate remains--things that are quietly considered probably still relevant or that need to be, whatever the evidence.
Indeed, "fuck" announces the onset of the libidinal drive at the center of this refusal--invincible, ineradicable "form" challenged by the emergence of that figuration associated with the graffiti scratched onto toilet doors and telephone booths: the vulvas, penises, mouths, and scrotum of the obscene imagination.