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The foundation of Hildebrand's Christianity remained an inerrant bible, but he did not use this position to attack modernism in the same way Aberhart did.
Inerrant, that is, "Without question, the sacred text is held to be inerrant.
it is a 5-item instrument that measures the degree to which one embraces a sacred text to be authoritative, inerrant, privileged, divine, and unchanging.
Second, the nature of inspiration is considered in its own right, and not as a mere function of the inerrant truth of Scripture.
And that management has to be unbiased, universal and independent if it's going to work--not caring who issues the encryption or in what departmental silos it resides (one cannot be both the issuer and manager of encryption simultaneously--too many inerrant conflicts of interest).
They appear to consider science as irrefutable fixed laws, much the same way that religious fundamentalists describe the inerrant authority of the Bible.
Less than a generation before Artforum's debut, Clement Greenberg could justify Pollock's expressionism according to the laws of medium specificity: what was inerrant, proper, and restricted to the materials and activity of painting.
The call to submission to God and God's plan for humanity is continuous from the beginning of time to Muhammad's time, through the Torah, the Prophets, the Psalms, and the Gospels--but it culminates with the Glorious Qur'an, which is seen by Muslims as the final, inerrant Book of God.
Nu, you spend part of your time forging official documents, then use some of the proceeds to help demonstrate the inerrant authenticity of another document: Iz dos yidishkayt?
This view has two resultant consequences: the claim that all truths of revelation are inerrant, and, arising from this first claim, the statement that since these truths are inerrant, they have to be accepted by faith without any rational probe whatsoever.
The idea of an inerrant pope has a stormy history enmeshed with the development of church funding.