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Now we don't hear such preconditions, and this is a development that can be welcomed," he added, saying that despite that other preconditions have been issued by both the government and the opposition, but the issue has moved on from the point of inertness.
The polymer butyl rubber has many interesting properties such as its biological inertness.
The inertness of the Supreme Judicial Council (VSS) as the head of the judicial system, of the Chief Prosecutor, and of the Heads of the Supreme Courts, is also a source for alarm in Brussels.
They were chanting slogans against the government policies and inertness.
1] This treatment has been superseded by the more recent transvaginal and transobturator tapes, which are widely used because of their inertness and biocompatibility.
There's an inertness, which completely contradicts what film is.
We gave them the original script to look at which was the pure adaptation of the book, and I think that they could see that there was just an inner inertness to the story.
In fact, analyses are heard signifying that the reason for such Arab powerlessness and inertness in confronting Israeli aggressiveness, which has become completely unrestrained under Benjamin Netanyahu's government, resides in the Arab peace initiative, and thus that it must be gotten rid of - such that domestic considerations and outbidding have driven some Kuwaiti MPs, on the occasion of Israel's arrest of Islamist activists from Kuwait aboard the Freedom Flotilla, to put forward a formal recommendation to the government asking for the withdrawal of the initiative or for Kuwait to withdraw from it.
Inertness of the reduction against the background of the global pessimism continued within the frames of the Friday trading session at the Russian exchange grounds.
That inertness could be attributed to the wave of conservatism that invaded all facets of life in the past few decades.
It will have filter applications worldwide, featuring the combination of high dirt-holding, relatively low cost and extreme inertness for use where chemical or radioactive attack is expected," said Monadnock's technical director Rowland Griffin.
Given the inertness of magnesium towards boron nitride, it was expected that the optimal application condition determined with aluminum would hold true for magnesium alloys.