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The polymer butyl rubber has many interesting properties such as its biological inertness.
Another of LSR's major attributes is its chemical inertness or purity.
That inertness could be attributed to the wave of conservatism that invaded all facets of life in the past few decades.
The Teflon PTFE polymer contains a variety of beneficial properties: inertness to chemicals, fire resistance, weather resistance, low friction, superior release, flexibility, extreme heat and cold resistance, excellent electrical, insulative and dielectric properties, and resistance to ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR), microwave, and radio frequency (RF).
It will have filter applications worldwide, featuring the combination of high dirt-holding, relatively low cost and extreme inertness for use where chemical or radioactive attack is expected," said Monadnock's technical director Rowland Griffin.
Given the inertness of magnesium towards boron nitride, it was expected that the optimal application condition determined with aluminum would hold true for magnesium alloys.
The production's inertness stems directly from its concept, which has less to do with fleshing out Rees' cartoon characters than with illustrating his ideas through technology.
In this section contributors analyze the dynamics at work in the translation of the material inertness of sculpture into poetic form in works by Hugo, Sainte-Beuve, Banville, Gautier, Baudelaire and Stendhal as they interact with sculptors David d'Angers, Pradier, Clesinger, and Rodin, among others.
Contained in sturdy, environmentally friendly, biodegradable packages, the reagent vials feature optical-quality glass for accuracy, Teflon[R]-lined screw caps for inertness, and vials in the standard 16-mm-diameter size for compatibility with most reactors and digestors.
Its chemical and electrical inertness prevent the signal wires from accepting anything but the data from the electrode.
Eventually, an injection-molded unit, the "RIMZ" as it is now called, was produced using dimensions developed from a machined master prototype and an advanced engineering polymer (selected for its inertness and repeated impact resistance).
The 1-mm bore valves have a stainless steel rotor for torsional strength, a Tefzel liner for chemical inertness, and a PEEK body for rigidity.