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Returning to the idea of inescapability, another similarity between Buddhist and Zoroastrian eschatologies is that nothing can intervene in the process of judgment.
For McGahern, cyclicality is a matter of seasonal time, of artistic form, and also of the inescapability of origins: 'This is the story of my upbringing, the people who brought me up, my parents and those around them, in their time and landscape.
Having developed an idea of what a moral problem involves, the next step is to sensitize students to the pervasiveness and inescapability of moral problems.
It is presumably this fact that some philosophers have in mind when they talk of the inescapability of duty.
Since Enoch posed his argument as ruling out the normative authority of agency under any conception of the constitutive features of agency, constitutivists have responded by arguing for the inescapability of certain minimal features of agency.
Once the polemics are undermined, we begin to see that the so-called exclusivism may be merely a manifestation of the inescapability of an existential horizon.
I think the work of Pierre Manent (who explicitly defends the nation-state) and Charles Taylor (whose work presents a more complex and positive engagement with modernity) must be held in dialectical tension with Cavanaugh's; both Taylor and Manent make a compelling case for the inescapability of modernity and the normative necessity of the nation-state, and thus a certain level of invulnerability of their myths.
Reviewing laboratory and cross-national studies, the paper illuminated four situations that foster system justification: system threat, system dependence, system inescapability, and low personal control.
Reflecting both on his own social location as an expatriate Dominican academic back in Santo Domingo, and on a group of African American tourists attending a New Wave Black Man circuit party on the island, the author uses the final chapter to open up questions of the inescapability of race and class inequality in intimate relations along with stories of personal engagement and transformation.
Given the centrality, if not inescapability, of African (Black) representation to the construction of White identity, particularly in the context of European/White nationalism, the cleanliness associated with Whiteness relied upon the projection of dirtiness as inherent to Blackness.
Blood Brothers is a heart-wrenching tale of the inescapability of fate and this production gives Russell's musical the skilled performance and emotional honesty that it warrants.
The words of Hamlet (Hamlet Act 2, Scene 2, lines 319-323) comparing man's actions to those of angels and man's understanding to that of God that they cite to support the idea that secularists can believe in the sacredness of individual human life may suggest the inescapability of religious belief for finding absolute value in humanity.