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In Martinique (unlike Haiti), 'the Negro steeped in the inessentiality of servitude was set free by his master'.
The essential inessentiality of a Romantic notion of genius is coupled in Murry's study to the transference of both 'Dostoevskii' and his 'characters' to the realm of the metaphysical: they become 'superhuman figures of this symbolic world' and any articulated reference of this world to a non-transcendent reality is lost.
ABCDRE abecedary ABTULSM habitualism CNMNE sea anemone CTUACNLSM situationalisn FECLET officiality FEKCT efficacity FXULET effectuality IDLSM idealism LENACN alienation LOQCNRE elocutionary LUCNSM illusionism MEDAC immediacy MN8RE emanatory MRLET immorality NDVDULET individuality NFEKCS inefficacious NILACN annihilation NSNCLET inessentiality NTAVACN antiaviation FTXPRENCLSM antiexperientalisn OBDNC obediency RKDN Arcadian RRR aurora SNCLET essentiality SOCACN association SOCATVT associativity SSNACN assassination XEBCNSM exhibitionism XSRE accessory 309 threonine 4NR foreigner 6SM sexism 8NUACN attenuation
Moreover, through the example of fables and their theatrical enactment, he drives home his point about the evanescence, even inessentiality, of life and the universe.