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Jackson's ability to provide a multilwered context in which great works emerged is inestimably valuable.
Should he feel guilty that he leaves for a distant college, one that would make his parents inestimably proud if only they understood?
The expansive sense of freedom and creativity in Anglo-Christian culture involves, as previously noted, a definite intellectual orientation and way of response to the world and has resulted in the production of many inestimably rich treasures.
The twin pillars of Coventry's rebirth have been sponsorship deals with Jaguar Land Rover and Unipart Logistics, whose contribution includes the inestimably important role of handling talismanic centre Luke Myring's transition from full time rugby into the workforce.
Their efforts likely will inestimably improve the lives of wildlife, sportsmen, and naturalists.
In this respect it will be inestimably helpful to researchers as well as to graduate students.
It said Thaci headed a "small but inestimably powerful group of KLA personalities" called the Denica group that "wrested control of most of the illicit criminal enterprises .
Though they're composed of hard metals, these assemblies are inestimably fragile--a paradox that conveys itself unnervingly as viewers realize that these scaffolds are literally quivering in the gallery's air currents.
Inestimably, more important was the golden opportunity the unprecedented floods presented Mr Zardari to cancel the visits and thereby deflect criticism that he remained immersed in foreign jaunts, which prevented him from caring about the suffering that the flood affectees were undergoing.
We are trying to change the strategic direction of a country that is inestimably more important in every way than Afghanistan.
Although this is inestimably important, it remains a secondary consideration until I contend with the social and political implications of the FDA's approval of BiDil.
If adaptations of prose works to film are hard to pull off, translating poetry to film is inestimably more difficult.