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The inevitability drive always pays off for Boro fans brave enough - cynical enough - to bet against their own heroes.
From this challenge to historical inevitability and the examples provided, it is only a short step sideways to reach a challenge to the inevitability of the development of the standard doctrine represented by Nicea and Chalcedon.
No matter how misguided the guy or the relationship, we blame ourselves--not him or the inevitability of breakup.
But Morris' intense absorption in Stravinsky's compressed, jazz-flecked neoclassicism, rendered incisively by onstage pianist Steven Beck, generates a sequence of playful geometry in which clarity of gesture, group stretches, and cradled elbows revel in physical inevitability.
In our diminished culture, the title probably qualifies as a spoiler, but the inevitability of Mr.
Winchester rounds out his story by considering how modern Californians deal with the inevitability of another massive jolt.
Imagine, if you can, a national government that deals with the inevitability of teenage sexual activity not by trying to frighten young people into abstaining but by advising them to try less risky behavior than intercourse, including oral sex and mutual masturbation.
The moral dimension, whether overt or covert, underpins the conclusion--which concerns the fleeting qualities of youth and beauty and the inevitability of death--with the advice to spend time wisely rather than foolishly.
In "Path," an observation of a teenage boy mowing the lawn turns into a reflection on youth, beauty, desire, the inevitability of time: "He does not know/ that before my lungs failed-before/ the tin sting of radiation, and the small/ eye of tissue formed in may throat/ a tornado of dark cells filling it--I was beautiful .
Furthermore, we found a way to be positive "even in the inevitability and finality of death.
On the one hand, we know that it is inevitable, a biological and morally neutral inevitability.