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Perhaps answers to those important but difficult questions will begin to emerge once the analysis paralysis label is stripped of its terminological inexactitude.
It would be the last thing in inexactitude to identify the myopia and manias of Orangeism with Ulster Protestantism, to identify Orange self-defence with many quite sensible objections to the policy of nationalist Irishmen, even to identify all the men who attend lodge-meetings with the extreme, fantastic views on Irish nationalism and on the Catholic Church.
The inexactitude of sanitary habits suggests that people have lost touch with the science behind their behaviors.
The poet Tan Lin, in his recent book 7 Controlled Vocabularies (2006), posits an analogous contemporary condition, where art objects fully commingle within the highly evolved field of domestic "lifestyle," an aesthetic space where culture is reduced to code: "Paintings like words can be read as an equation for any number of diagrammatic surfaces: inexactitude, thought, the false arc of the historical.
The inexactitude of this science was demonstrated by a Michigan State University radiology researcher, Dr.
You could pirouette around the space and check off the colors, but at a certain point the inexactitude of a hue, its awkward fit on the color wheel, would bring you up short--or, perhaps, the sheer magic of these gorgeous tones, suspended in the slathered pigment to the point where they almost seem translucent, just made you stop color-checking and want to start licking.
60) See Healy, supra note 14, at vii-viii; Lynch, supra note 16, at 56-59; Turner, supra note 17, at 79 (complaining of the uncertainty doctors face due to the inexactitude of federal regulations).
In Britain, Winston Churchill evaded the rule of not accusing anyone of being a liar by using the words terminological inexactitude.
The inexactitude of the target is typical, a quality that blunts XEclogue's impact as a reasoned polemic while reasserting the book's more anarchic appeal as poetry.
This extremely cumbersome sentence poignantly expresses the inexactitude in defining "self.
The vast majority of the metaphors used by Pierre combine puerile obscenity with inexactitude.
The architects responded to this unedifying inexactitude by designing an utterly simple glazed rectangular box, with a stair tower pulled clear of the main volume on the north side.