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Perhaps answers to those important but difficult questions will begin to emerge once the analysis paralysis label is stripped of its terminological inexactitude.
We can chuckle at terminological inexactitude, strategic misrepresentations, inoperative statements, plausible deniability, and other inventive ways to evade saying "lies
There are moments in the book when inexactitude leads to some flim-flammery in which supposed opponents are huffed out of court rather than clearly convicted.
Ability to graphically portray colours eliminates the difficult expression of describing colour shade differences in everyday terms and the inexactitude of human estimation.
SIR - Nigel Dix (Letters, April 29) cannot be allowed to get away with the terminological inexactitude that Plaid Cymru MPs were among those who brought down the Labour Government in 1979.
One welcomes the Damascus Road conversion by Labour, but to say Conservative plans would lead to building in Grimescar is a terminological inexactitude.
Kaleko was often criticized by literary critics and prospective publishers, who reproached her for banality and inexactitude in terms of rhyme, rhythm, and grammar, and for lagging behind contemporary poetic trends, making it difficult for her to publish her texts in the 1950s and 1960s.
Chesterton's uncanny element, this quiet incalculable inexactitude, is generally ignored by Moderns and acknowledged by Postmoderns.
He is guilty, as Winston Churchill so memorably put it, of a terminological inexactitude.
STEPHEN Byers says he didn't mislead the Commons, his terminological inexactitude resulting in his economy with the truth was caused by an "incorrect understanding".
We can say that Gorbanevskaya's latest collection of poems deals with the noncoincidence of man with time and space, with his beginning to understand the inexactitude, the failure, of a world harmony.