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This First Minister continues to preside over hospital downgrading, appalling global tests in maths, reading and science, and access to finance for businesses that is inexcusably bad.
Followed by huge galleries at the first European Tour event to be played on Turkish soil, Woods had to work hard for his par at the third after inexcusably missing the fairway with an iron off the tee.
With De Niro inexcusably using what is for many people the single most obscene swear word, this is well off target.
Six-race cards are inexcusably inadequate on even a quiet Monday.
Russia has the most leverage, but, inexcusably, it still sells arms and coal to Syria and uses its Mediterranean port of Tartus.
To any reasonable person, the shooting looks like an inexcusably racist provocation.
But the list of errors and horrors in this war is inexcusably long, starting with a rush to invasion based on manipulated intelligence.
Incredibly, and inexcusably, 10% of respondents thought this happened in 2008, seemingly confusing it with either the onset of recession or the first broadcast of American geek comedy The Big Bang Theory.
Surely Martin remembers all the attention focused on the state government's inexcusably large fleet of vehicles by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette last year.
But the physicist John Herschel, a pioneering photographer who coined the terms photography, negative, positive and snapshot, is inexcusably omitted.
The tragedy here was that the necessary defence of the torture standard has been inexcusably allied to the political legitimisation of individuals and organisations belonging to the Islamic Right," Sahgal rued.
At a time we again march like zombies into battle, having inexcusably failed to retain Vietnam's lessons, it stands out, flashing hope.