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The inexhaustible baby was two or three months old, when Bella began to notice a cloud upon her husband's brow.
But, by degrees she was led on to confess that she would like to have for the inexhaustible baby such a nursery as never was seen.
The inexhaustible baby was instantly made to congratulate him, and to say, with appropriate action on the part of a very limp arm and a speckled fist: 'Three cheers, ladies and gemplemorums.
Which occasioned the inexhaustible baby to square at him with the speckled fists, and demand in a threatening manner what he meant?
I won't,' said the inexhaustible baby, '--allow--you--to--make-- game--of--my--venerable--Ma.
A light network of marine plants, of that inexhaustible family of seaweeds of which more than two thousand kinds are known, grew on the surface of the water.
Do what a man may--let him commit anything he likes, from an error to a crime--so long as there is a woman at the bottom of it, there is an inexhaustible fund of pardon for him in every other woman's heart.
It was Satan's inexhaustible energy and good spirits that most impressed them.
Without a care to trouble her; abroad or at home, finding inexhaustible varieties of amusement; seeing new places, making new acquaintances--what a disheartening contrast did Cecilia's happy life present to the life of her friend
She sat in the window looking at Dolly, and going over in her own mind all the stores of intimate talk which had seemed so inexhaustible beforehand, and she found nothing.
Much as they were attached to each other, they seemed to draw inexhaustible stores of affection from a very mine of love to bestow them upon me.
In such emergencies Hester's nature showed itself warm and rich -- a well-spring of human tenderness, unfailing to every real demand, and inexhaustible by the largest.