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Because of inexistence of classified information accessibility with related with component of administrative, public and sales costs, we just could study sticky of gathering administrative, public and sales costs.
The delay observed in the achievement of these projects is due, in particular, to the inexistence of a plot of land for the implementation of projects or the lack of funds.
Existence of subject Subject matter is Subject matter must matter not necessary exist be inexistence (except for some contract) Delivery of subject No delivery of Delivery must take matter subject matter place.
Given the inexistence of procedures for the establishment of the value of the boundaries of the restrictions, we propose defining an objective criterion to assign these boundaries a value and to increase the discriminatory power of the indicator: the proposed criterion is to fix the highest boundary value (e) which can be established as the minimum weight of each dimension.
The event, that has been inexistence since 1991, has undergone some significant changes during the last decade, not least of which took place in 2010, when it merged with France Football's Ballon d'Or (Golden Ball) award to form the new 'FIFA Ballon d'Or'.
The inexistence of a relationship between seniority and perception of trustworthiness may be explained by the interference of contextual factors (corporate restructuring) in interpersonal relationships.
The Nominative Case in the Quest for Identity (S,100), and gives lectures on 'the inexistence of the self'.
Inexistence supposee d'architecture, absence de politiques culturelles ou preference pour des projets supranationaux, les seuls biens inscrits a la liste du patrimoine mondial sont naturels ou, pour un cas recent, mixte (6) .
Not only did they emphasize in various ways the secular powers of the community, they also associated this power to the coming into being (existence) of the community from an initial situation of persecution, inequality, anonymity, oppression, or in more general terms, of inexistence.
The inexistence of a lender of last resort in international currency for the emerging market economies makes their behavior differ from that of the Eurozone countries.
It is only through her that, from inexistence, you reach this impossible symbiosis with the world.
Endogenous growth models, on the one hand, put the basis of economic growth on the choice made by the economic actors, which can stimulate productivity, and, on the other hand, on the inexistence of productivity losses due to the recognition of externalities.