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The first, constructed during the nineteenth and early twentieth century, envisions children within families, but recognizes that those families often differ significantly from traditional nuclear families, and that, therefore, the protections theoretically afforded children by the inexorability of parental affection are often fragile or non-existent.
The inexorability of their eventual meeting is prefigured here.
Indian policy framers now generally admit the inexorability of a de-stable and economically uncertain Pakistan, and note the threats of security posed by it to Indian strategy towards Afghanistan.
This fuses the images almost into a narrative singularity, so that when Yella fixates on the screensaver on Philipp's laptop, just before they first meet, one gradually begins to see through the doubleness and the ambiguity of the image of the wave slowly crashing into darkness, or any of the other extra-diegetic instantiations of the sound of rushing water: this is the material truth before which her consciousness stands and toward which she approaches with an inexorability that makes its repetition at the end of the film almost obvious.
According to Annamaria Cascetta, 'the consciousness of the tragic has transversed Western culture for millennia' and carries within the notion of inexorability of human limits, its contradictions and ambiguities, and especially its concern and hesitation in the face of suffering.
We are shown the rain coursing down the hospital window, melding the idea of the self with an understanding of the beauty and inexorability of the external world.
Furniture-moving ghosts signal the inexorability of change.
As in this case, and rather than being indices of freedom in the film, windows are singularly and deceptively used to entrap, revealing a bleak and menacing outside world, constantly reminding the audience that any hope of escape is a mere fantasy and reinforcing the ultimate inexorability of the character's situation.
The driving force of metaphysics in the field of moral and religion is the fear of the vicissitudes of life, the transitoriness of all things, the inexorability of death, or, conversely, the desire for the absolute, the eternally immutable which defies the law of corruption.
Arnold accepted "the inexorability of democratization" (74).
The result is a story that propels itself toward the sheer inexorability of tragedy after tragedy, of getting on with it.
Owing to the severity and inexorability of neuropathic pain, it is very important to recognize and eliminate the comorbidities associated with this disorder.