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The biology, nymphal stage and life habits of the endemic sand dune cricket Schizodatylus inexpectatus (Werner, 1901) (Orthoptera: Schizodactylidae).
Description of adult Schizodactylus inexpectatus (Werner) from Turkey (Orthoptera, Gryllacridactlus).
inexpectatus lives were examined and relation between population dynamic of endemic sand dune cricket and some anthropogenic affects were determined.
The first speciment of Schizodactylus inexpectatus (Werner, 1901) (Orthoptera: Schizodactylidae) was accidentally found from the Cilician Taurus near to Gulek in Turkey by MARTIN HOLTZ in 1897 and described as Comicus inexpectatus by WERNER in 1901 (Ramme, 1931; Uvarov, 1952).
However, 2 lizard species, Eumeces inexpectatus and Anolis carolinensis, can sustain B.
Aptly named by Mayr as Eurotrochilus inexpectatus, which translates as "unexpected European version of a hummingbird" the newly identified species had a long, narrow bill that was more than twice as long as its skull.
ABSTRACT--The reproductive ecology of the southeastern five-lined skink (Eumeces inexpectatus Taylor) is poorly known.
These species were Bufo quercicus (oak toad), Bufo terrestris (southern toad), Gastrophryne carolinensis (narrow-mouth toad), Gopherus polyphemus (gopher tortoise), Anolis carolinensis (green anole), Cnemidophorus sexlineatus (six-lined racerunner), Eumeces egregius (mole skink), Eumeces inexpectatus (southeastern five-lined skink), Neoseps reynoldsi (sand skink), Sceloporus woodi (Florida scrub lizard), Cemophora coccinea (Florida scarlet snake), Coluber constrictor (southern black racer), Masticophis flagellum (eastern coachwhip), Tantilla relicta (crowned snake), Aphelocoma coerulescens (Florida Scrub Jay), Cryptotis parva (least shrew), Peromyscus polionotus (oldfield mouse), and Podomys fioridanus (Florida mouse).
Inexpectatus is because the discovery of an ostrich dino from that long ago was so unexpected
laticeps, and Scincella lateralis-- whereas two were not found--Cnemidophorus sexlineatus and Plestiodon inexpectatus.
inexpectatus and possessed four labial scales and two postlabial scales characteristic of E.