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A business owner should not attempt to clear snow as it is falling where it would be "unreasonable, inexpedient, impractical, and has the potential of erroneously turning the business owner into an insurer of invitee safety.
The Committee on Clearances beg respectfully to report that in their opinion it is inexpedient to attempt the organization of a Clearing House at the present time; but are convinced that it is important to establish a Bank in accordance with the plan formerly presented by this Committee on October 9th, by which Money Clearances would be safely effected, and recommend that as soon as the capital can be obtained from the members of the Board for that purpose, the Bank be established and respectfully and earnestly urge upon your Committee to take all means within power to secure the necessary capital.
For further discussion of the deficiencies of the criminal justice system to carry out its paradigmatic functions of arrest and prosecution when such strategies are deemed inexpedient for law enforcement, see Weissman, supra note 11, at 399.
Open expression of these emotional reactions are usually inexpedient and bring results inimical to personal welfare" (52).
4) The problem here is that the act utilitarian cannot recognize the difference between what is wrongful and what is inexpedient.
Students of rhetoric pursued a number of avenues to attack the logic of an argument, on the basis of 'what is unclear, implausible, impossible, inconsistent, inappropriate, and inexpedient.
The military occupation of Maryland is unconstitutional, and she protests against it, though the violent interference with the transit of federal troops is discountenanced, that the vindication of her rights be left to time and reason, and that a Convention, under existing circumstances, is inexpedient.
If that course were deemed inexpedient, perhaps a better option would be to act on a bilateral basis.
Where the meaning of the statutory words is plain and unambiguous it is not for the judges to invent fancied ambiguity as an excuse for failing to give effect to its plain meaning because they consider that the consequences of doing so would be inexpedient, or even unjust or immoral".
Commenting on Igor Sechin's statement that the privatisation of a 3% stake in the company was inexpedient, Grishanin added that the privatisation may breach covenants on the company's loan from China ($10bn).
On the other hand, as Israel gears up for an electioneering summer, it would be politically inexpedient for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to appear as caving in to Palestinian demands.
And although some might be politically inexpedient, none would have the natural and well-funded opponents of other commo nsense reforms.