inexperienced person

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It's quite obvious I would vote for the new, young inexperienced person.
Is it too much to ask of a minimally trained, inexperienced person to know when to act in such circumstances?
Part of any training takes place on site and, to a young inexperienced person, it can seem intimidating at times.
These are things that can easily be checked and are among numerous clues suggesting that we are here dealing with an inexperienced person writing a doctoral dissertation rather than a book: the two are quite different entities.
The chapters are crafted for the inexperienced person confronted with doing this task, but the book also has plenty of recommendations for the reader who has some experience but needs fresh ideas to spice up the portfolio in preparing for an accreditation visit or searching for new employment.
When a community has a chance of getting a person, such as Richard Alarcon, who knows and cares about the community and has the experience of being a state senator and a city councilman, residents of the community would be much better off getting him than getting an inexperienced person for the council.
It gives give you a set of tools that even the most inexperienced person can use," said George E.
In India, staff are easier to come by than managers, so a relatively inexperienced person with high potential could well be a better choice than a seasoned manager.
We had the situation of an inexperienced person with low buoyancy, low in the water, and with waves towering over him,' remarked the coroner.
Every time you have an inexperienced person doing a job, you have got to train them for that job and you have a quality issue.
Granted, if all other things are equal, a person with the right kind of experience would be a better choice than an inexperienced person.
However, I feel that the reasons listed above are justifiable enough to explain why it is unsafe for an unskilled and inexperienced person to drive and operate a ``modern'' fire engine and its equipment competently and safely without proper training.