inexperienced person

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A LONG-SERVING school secretary was made to feel "small and worthless" by a decision to appoint an inexperienced person above her, an employment tribunal heard.
Yasuda, "did not feel, in retrospect, that it was appropriate for a relatively inexperienced person in the laparoscopic arena to [attempt a laparoscopic procedure].
So again, the experienced person, with the right tool, is going to do any given job much more quickly and easily than the inexperienced person.
In the hands of an inexperienced person, or even an experienced videographer, changes in camera angles can often lose or omit important sections of the choreography.
A derogatory term for a new or inexperienced person on the Internet.
Siena's Van Patten adds that "firms should understand that the intern is an inexperienced person.
As pioneers in the email and internet technology fields, we do not believe that tech support is something that can, or should be provided by an inexperienced person reading entries out of a database.
She's on the radio regularly and she really does understand food and how to present it and how to make that easy for an inexperienced person to get to grips with.
Every Christmas Decor job means one less inexperienced person dangling off a ladder.
Chennai, April 11 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Nitin Gadkari on Sunday called Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi as an inexperienced person and someone whose comments could not be taken seriously.
Even an inexperienced person could surely tell the difference between his signature and those on the bank documents and cheques, he says.
The health of that young, inexperienced person must be society's primary consideration and going through such a traumatic experience all alone, without the benefit of parental guidance, is unthinkable.