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Regarding the online course of Hijama treatment, he said that there are many inexperts in Pakistan whose inexpertise could risk lives of patients.
One suspects this university was simply the victim of a lazy or inexpert advertising agency.
Performing first aid if one is qualified is encouraged and I have never heard of a case where a person was on trial for attempting to help somebody even if the injured person suffered from complications due to the inexpert medical aid," he said.
Because so much of his music has not survived, the inexpert reader is spared the technical analysis that often accompanies musical biographies.
Dr Dimitri Erasmus, Chief Executive of Tygerberg Hospital, emphasised that the procedure was not an answer to the ongoing loss of life and reproductive organs caused by inexpert ritual male circumcision--a uniquely SA phenomenon.
Imagine the repeated mechanical stress caused by a string of inexpert drivers from all over the world hammering these cars for months round the ice.
The second is to create an expert civilian bureaucracy which can undertake the task instead of the inexpert one at present which exercises power by emphasising procedure over subject specialisation.
She attributes the inexpert talk on the topic to the fact that the instrument is used in Bulgaria for the first time, despite the fact that it is commonly used in other European countries.
Beware inexpert testimony; not all points of view are legitimate and credible.
Lighthouse products allow the inexpert user (agent/customer/ employee) to serve faster as an experienced (knowledgeable) user.
We ask for your further attention and study about the human rights regulations in Iran and also Iran's cultural and social conditions in a bid to avoid the approval of such oppressive and inexpert resolutions in the future," the Iranian university students center said in the letter to the UN secretary general.