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GINSBORG, Two Kinds of Mechanical Inexplicability cit.
These personas tell their lives' stories in an amorphous manner causing inexplicability since nobody pays attention to anybody's story in particular.
This inexplicability, it seemed, was a proposal voiced by Dyankov for an increase of 1.
ANOTHER REVEALING RESEARCH finding from Isidore Silver, is that the inexplicability of management actions is the greatest cause of problems and grievances in the work environment.
Indeed, based on a philosophical tradition that associates cause with the irrational, due to the intrinsically unstable relationship of cause to effect, Jacques Lacan understood cause in terms of the inexplicability and inaccessibility of desire--and hence with the misrecognition at the heart of what we call reality: the disconnect between what we want and what actually is.
This inexplicability relates to a deep fear of 'trespassing across boundaries that may be sacred' and 'a sense of being powerless and ineffectual' (Vallance & Tchacos, 2001).
The ruins in Shadow do this as well and, due to the fact that there is absolutely no trace of habitation, go further to point to their ultimate inexplicability.
That pain and the inexplicability of the reasons behind the divorce have not been a stumbling block in the path of the woman who knew marital bliss for only six months before her husband filed for divorce.
On the other, through the inexplicability of the mental image, Taha's belonging to the lost place does not appear as a material belonging--not as a matter of "having and having not".
the mystery transmitted to us by music is not death's sterilizing inexplicability but the fertile inexplicability of life, freedom, or love.
18) Kathy Phillips suggests that "[references to imperialism and militarism often occur together because, once a country accepts the need for colonies, it must rely on force to put down local rebellions and fend off other European nations" (225), asserting the inexplicability of colonialism, read here as an extension of imperialism, and violence.