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The odd quibble aside - inexplicably, most of the Vikings have Scottish accents - the movie is a real triumph.
After a short and largely unsuccessful stint with Capitol Records, Reed abandoned California for South America, where, inexplicably, his singles were outselling those of Elvis Presley.
Inexplicably, the first insurance on twin #1 reimburses $7.
Mine was inexplicably Rivendell, the primeval forestland of the Elves from ``The Lord of the Rings,'' as depicted by director Peter Jackson.
Their conversations cover ghosts, Houdini, and cryptic shortwave radio broadcasts until one night, Anna inexplicably disappears.
The plot is simple at first: A Russian Jew named Esther Lipshitz arriving at Ellis Island with her family in 1907 realizes that one of her sons--an inexplicably blond boy named Reuven--is missing.
The photomural just as inexplicably disappeared the next day.
As they write in this charming little book, nearly half, inexplicably, in a layout that resembles poetry more than prose, "'There are problems that need attention.
Lockwood shares his entomological detective story, which culminates in a compelling theory for why an insect that numbered in the trillions disappeared quickly and inexplicably.
In 1934, though, his membership in the PGA was inexplicably terminated.
Working with glass artists SWON (Orest Tataryn, Alfred Engerer and Andrey Berezowsky), he evolved a translucent wall of glass: a waterfall that reflects light onto the smooth surface of the water which ends with a negative edge so that the pool seems to be a piece of lake inexplicably lofted up onto the slope.
Inexplicably, Wylie does not discuss the early and widespread adoption of maize, an American crop, which had and continues to have extraordinary implications for people's health.