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An upturn in economic fortunes under his stewardship saw his popularity in the party increase but Mr Osborne is damaged by his inextricable links to the Prime Minister.
Really that's what this is about: that inextricable intersection between what our kids learn and who they become.
On display were also photographs and documents from a number of Macedonian cities, which together with the other exhibits showcased, from an array of cultures having left a mark on Macedonian soil, the influence of Ottoman culture and art, which played a significant role for centuries and are an inextricable part of Macedonia's cultural heritage.
No other cookie is more inextricable from the American Jewish identityand particularly the New York Jewish identitythan this soft, sponge-like vanilla cookie that is slathered on top in equal part chocolate and vanilla fondant, right down the middle.
The article from James Norman on the work of Naomi Klein particularly struck me, especially a point that he highlights from her work about climate justice and its inextricable link with the "festering inequalities" and the need in Australia to respond to and deal with the "painful histories and difficult questions about land rights.
In light of this concern, we explore the challenges and opportunities for addressing this situation in a One Health context that emphasizes the interdisciplinary collaboration and the inextricable nature of human and animal health and disease.
Palestine has a multi-faceted history and culture that goes back centuries and is an inextricable part of its proud national identity.
He said that special attention will be paid to addressing the inextricable link between these resources this year.
As an alternative to the typical "rational mind" leadership models taught in business schools, embodied leadership recognizes the inextricable connections of mind and body, and incorporates language, action, feeling, and meaning--particularly emotional intelligence--into leadership.
The UK Special Envoy to the Sahel, Stephen O'Brien MP, during a visit to Libya said he had explored the political, economic and cultural links between Libya and the countries of Western African and found that these links were inextricable.
There is an inextricable link between the creation of a shared future and the economic transformation.
On the occasion, the Chief Justice remarked that the Bench and the Bar are the two inextricable wings of the judicial system, which sink and rise together.