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Is she going to resume full political co-habitation with Sinn Fein that she says is inextricably linked to that killing machine, the IRA?
6 Reliable Man is inextricably linked to Farhh, Carlton House, Danedream, Nathaniel and St Nicholas Abbey.
For most of the last seven years those two events - the award of the Games and the July bombings - have been pretty inextricably linked.
The fortunes of developing economies are inextricably linked to those of the developed world," wrote CDC Chairman Malcom Williamson.
The values of black America are akin to the values of this great land, and just as importantly, black success in America is inextricably tied to those same values -- and not the snake oil sold by hucksters who sneak in through the open door of history-as-a-footnote.
Modern fantasy is inextricably entangled with science fiction as many authors write in both fields or use elements of both in one or the other forms.
Poverty and the status of women are inextricably bound according to economic development experts.
Aloysius Education Clinic is dedicated to providing educational and other programs to children with the conviction that education and opportunity are inextricably linked.
Nonetheless, she is able to piece together evidence to suggest a "broad cultural pattern"--frequently difficult to prove--in which ideas about modernity became inextricably linked to ideas about race and evolution.
In more than one way Candilis and Woods are inextricably connected with the vicissitudes of the Modern Movement and French politics.
It's clear that environment, energy, and economics are inextricably entwined; you can't care for one while ignoring the others.
These days, the term "signature style" is often applied not only to brushwork, composition, and subject matter, but also to distinctive materials, which tend to become inextricably intertwined with the identity of the individual who uses them first or to most interesting effect.