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Although it is the gold standard for evaluating coronary patency, angiography represents a "snapshot" of coronary patency; this technique is not a definitive indicator because it cannot measure how long the documented perfusion status has existed in the infarct-related artery either before or after imaging, which would influence washout.
Early and sustained patency of the infarct-related artery has been related to improved in-hospital and late survival (24, 25), recovery of left ventricular function (24, 26-28), prevention of ventricular aneurysm formation (29), and cardiac rupture (30), and enhanced electrical stability (31).
The material was then infused into each patient's infarct-related artery via a catheter.
In both groups bolus tirofiban injection was administered after the completion of coronary angiography, but immediately before angioplasty of infarct-related artery.