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Tables 2 to 4 state the global sensitivities of variables, based on different sensitivity indicators, for energy demand (Table 2), capital costs (Table 3) and solution infeasibility (Table 4).
There, technical infeasibility was often cited as the reason for the need to use BAMM.
Campbell identified the infeasibility of the Diamond approach in most
Even the lower end of the likely cost range would imply economic infeasibility for many employers and the upper end of the possible cost range would imply economic infeasibility for most employers.
If the NLP process reports a local infeasibility of a sub-problem, it is presumed that there is no feasible solution to the sub-problem, although the infeasibility has been determined locally.
His choice of allegory was not arbitrary, however, but based on the increased infeasibility of Socialist Realism in the Soviet socio-economic and political system.
Infeasibility of Super-Efficiency Data Envelopment Analysis Models.
But none of them is industrially applicable due to high cost which is a limitation and infeasibility of the processes.
In addition to the economic infeasibility of open-file discovery, the real threat to defendants--prosecutorial malfeasance--would be unaffected by increased discovery.
corporations), (7) for its potential effects on free speech rights (8) and criminal investigations, (9) for its alleged technological infeasibility, (10) and for the possibility that it may impede bilateral policymaking efforts between the United States and the European Union.
We want to prove it can be done," said Elias Mlouf, brushing aside criticisms of infeasibility.
The Conference discusses the processes of law enactment, contributions of civil society (professional trade associations) in parliamentary action: feasibility and infeasibility of political pressure (lobbying).