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b] mod [phi](N), it is computationally infeasible to find the secret keys [[beta].
The reliability of protein folding is said to be dominated by the presence of a "folding funnel" on the folding energy landscape since systematic or random searching is clearly infeasible for large numbers of amino acids [2].
Then, feasible individuals are rewarded and infeasible individuals are penalized.
The administrator said the Planning Board agreed with the study's finding that local turnpike access would be infeasible to design and construct, due to a range of issues including local land acquisition locations required to meet local and federal highway design standards.
I feel sorry for families where their bins are overflowing because the council fortnightly collections are infeasible and unpalatable to them.
CSPA strongly objected to these additional reductions as inappropriate, infeasible and unnecessary.
Impacts to this intersection remain significant and unavoidable because improvements to this ramp would be physically and institutionally infeasible.
Here we introduce a generalized notion of dominance for problems with infeasible solutions, which extends the range of problems for which dominance analysis can be applied to.
State the donee's use of the property at the time of the donation and certify that such use became impossible or infeasible to implement.
Reviewing the shortcomings of these treaties in the March 2006 issue of the Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy," Clayton Jernigan, then a judicial law clerk and now an associate attorney for Earthjustice, concluded, "The goal of eco-regional planning may simply be politically infeasible without the active involvement of civil society.
He realized, too, that shifting investments to another country was not only infeasible, given his time frame, but would not necessarily reduce his risk.