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Extension of our previous work [6] for test data generation for data flow testing by adding a new approach for infeasible path detection.
2] is the generator of a cyclic multiplicative group Gt with order q, it is computationally infeasible to compute [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
In such a case where no feasible design is available, it becomes very important to analyze the available data and find the best designs among a large number of infeasible designs.
The results in [6] represent an infeasible solution because the reactive powers of the generators at buses 2 and 8 are -116.
In order to reduce the probability of generating infeasible solutions, homeomorphism [12] and fundamental loop [17] representation method are widely adopted.
The main topics addressed by the text include whether a potential claim is either barred by or made financially infeasible by preliminary procedural considerations; whether an injury arguably arises out of and in the course of employment; where and how a claim should be filed; how to separate credibility from medical case issues; how to determine what medical evidence will be required to make out or oppose a claim; how to identify, in the case of a deceased worker, dependents of the worker and determine whether they are eligible for death benefits; and how to determine whether any third party actions are at issue in a case.
18 ( ANI ): US Secretary of State John Kerry has said efforts to reach a two-state solution to bring about peace between Israel and the Palestinians is up to two years or the whole concept will become infeasible.
The report also pointed out that while the company is considering expansion to boost production, this is infeasible due to high taxes, including income tax and mining fees, which amount to about 40%.
I have to say that it would be an infeasible policy to separate the Futenma unit and move it outside the prefecture.
the Consultative Council of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia underscored the importance of dual production of electricity and desalination of water if the two projects were to be placed on sea coasts or their vicinities, or where there are artisan salt water with abundant quantities with the exception of where it was proved economically infeasible to have dual production or where there is no demand for water or electricity.
Taxes on alcohol and tobacco were both politically infeasible before they were enacted.
BOJ Governor Masaaki Shirakawa also argues that foreign bond buying by the BOJ would be infeasible under the current law.