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This differential infective capability among members of the cohort originating from the different females, would infer that the variability in the infectivity of C.
Without loss of generality, let [beta] = 1; hence the effective infectivity rate [lambda] = [eta]/[beta] = [eta].
The methanolic extract showed inhibition of 50% of viral infectivity ([IC.
To examine the influence of periodic application of water to experimental soil units on the persistence of IJs infectivity, a total of 330 tubes were prepared as described in the previous experiment.
Subsequently, three flasks per treatments were sampled randomly every 1,2,4,8 and 16 weeks to evaluate the viability and infectivity of the IJs.
In this context, the amount of lipid within the body of the IJ greatly influences the viability and infectivity of the nematode (Wright and Perry 2002).
Sanyo further revealed that joint research with Gunma Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environmental Sciences, an advanced research institution recognised by the Japanese Government, showed that the Sanyo Virus Washer technology is highly effective in suppressing the infectivity of the new H1N1 influenza virus.
Seasonal fluctuations of climatic conditions appear to influence parasite development and thus vector infection and infectivity rates.
Mathematical modelling showed that governments should stockpile enough drugs to treat at least a quarter of their populations, assuming moderate levels of infectivity.
Enteric viruses are routinely detected in raw sewage, surface waters, and groundwater, and have the greatest infectivity among waterborne pathogens and outbreaks of illness due to contaminated water.