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The intriguing advantage of the present approach is thus that it not only agrees with the wave formalism, in fact inferable as a corollary so that the present model is in principle compliant with any quantum results today known, but contextually implies even the conceptual foundations of the special and general relativity [17]; so are not surprising the chance of having obtained the Eq.
If the fictionalizing stance traditionally implies that I uphold the author-narrator distinction and accept the fictitious nature of the narrated world, my full-fledged fictionalizing stance means I will keep the FABA at a distance from whatever values are inferable from the text--as I would not do when I interpret nonfictional discourse.
The species of ambiguity inferable in "The Paperhanger" resists either/or constructions of meaning and forsakes simple resolutions in preference for the complexity of both/and, or counterpoised interpretive possibilities.
27) To overcome the presumption against extraterritoriality, this authority must be asserted explicitly in the law (28) or else the congressional intent must be inferable because "limiting the locus of [the] statute to U.
Though the losses envisioned in the future are not peculiar to Africa, it is inferable from Okri's narratives that if these attributes could be incorporated into the experiences of the African nations, the future would arrive well.
A second delegation argument draws upon a line of cases holding that tax regulations cannot add requirements or limitations not in the statute and not fairly inferable from it.
Additionally, the subjective prong would be inferable in injunctive cases.
Inferability of Variable Types Variable Type Inferable for Inferable for Advanced Simple Level Level 1 Yes No 2 No No 3 Yes No 4 No No 5 Yes No 6 Yes Yes 7 Yes Yes
Guth and Ginsberg (1990) provide a framework for fitting CE into strategic management, where CE can also be manifested as an identifiable strategy, as inferable from the presence of patterns of entrepreneurial behavior and an overall perspective that lends meaning to and directs that activity (Mintzberg 1987), and influences its financial outcomes (Zahra 1991).
Although still a qualitative approach, the increasing complexity of the framework should provide information not presently inferable from the independent assessments.
920, 935-36 (1973) ("What is frightening about Roe is that this super-protected right is not inferable from the language of the Constitution, the framers' thinking respecting the specific problem in issue, any general value derivable from the provisions they included, or the nation's governmental structure.
Of the transcription process, Del Giudice says, "Listening at such a distance in time, to recover the actual words and intonation, inferable gestures, and other modalities, required the most acute sort of attention--and sometimes conjecture.