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As shown, inferential meaning associated with selectiveness is different from Grice's conversational implicatures in that speakers do not want the hearers to work out anything other than the literal meaning of the utterances.
In girls with high levels of rumination, a pessimistic inferential style about the self predicted a past history of depressive episodes," he said.
Distributions that are severely skewed affect the choice of appropriate descriptive or summary statistics and the choice of inferential statistical techniques.
The chapters on inferential statistics cover topics in a more detailed manner.
Lest there be any confusion, let me stress here that the clause of an inferential corresponds to the focus, not the clause, of a canonical cleft sentence.
In this scenario, people were unintentionally contributing to the sedimentary record, and the surface on which the remains were deposited is today an inferential one.
So that although nobody ever says that they are concerned about prostitution because they are worried about the changing relations between the sexes, nevertheless I can draw inferential connections between anxieties present in the discourses even though that link is not explicitly made by the participants.
Not to be ignored, also, for a clear understanding of believed-in knowledge claims is the availability of scientifically adequate descriptions of reasoning or inferential action.
As for the Heideggerian connection, points of alleged agreement are less evidence that the two men were co-conspirators than they are expressions of Strauss's conviction that Heideggerian nihilism is not some inferential slip along the way but represents instead the ineluctable slide from Enlightenment optimism to postmodern despair.
Among the 21 inferential tests that are covered are the single and two sample t-tests, the Wilcoxon test, the Mann--Whitney U-test, the [chi square] test, the binomial sign test, analysis of variance with multiple comparisons, factorial analysis of variance, the Kruskal--Wallis test, the Cochran Q-test, and the Friedman test.
Moore is managing partner of Inferential Focus, a New York City-based market intelligence firm.