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It is the most elaborate and public account yet of the president's alleged infidelities -- a bombshell in a country where politicians' private lives used to be just that.
Almost 700 singles were questioned for the faithfulness survey, which found men are more likely to cheat sexually - with 40% admitting to past infidelities compared to just 30% of women.
Meanwhile, Alicia has been raising her children by herself while her husband, Eddie is still in jail and the "Mob Wives" viewers felt for her when she discovered about Eddie's infidelities before being incarcerated.
He asserted that Jackie's dad loved her too, and yet had many infidelities in his life.
Whereas a Victorian wife might have known of her husband's infidelities, for reasons of shame, discretion, timidity or even tacit approval, she might not mention it.
There are no steamy sex scenes in this novel, reinforcing the point that Rick and Naomi's infidelities do not satisfy carnal desires so much as offer them the comfort they cannot give each other.