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Of course, there isn't enough time in the rush of the media cycle to talk about the infidelity of actors and actresses in Hollywood.
People would never admit to infidelity if asked face to face by an interviewer.
Sadly, it would seem that infidelity is hushed for some and broadcast for others.
Half considered locking lips infidelity compared with 83 per cent of younger people.
Interestingly, the study also found that most people agreed cyber infidelity was just as painful as real infidelity.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Only about one in three Americans say they would forgive their spouse for marital infidelity, including just 10% who say they would definitely forgive him or her.
About two in every five people (42%) blamed a partner's affair for them contacting a lawyer, with almost half of all women citing infidelity as the main reason for marriage breakdown.
Once restricted to "natural heterosexual intercourse," infidelity now extends to a variety of sexual practices.
The rules drawn up by a panel chaired by the most senior judge in England and Wales say discovery of infidelity is not a high degree of provocation.
Diane Shader Smith interviewed married women from all walks of life to find out why and how infidelity happened: UNDRESSING INFIDELITY: WHY MORE WIVES ARE UNFAITHFUL gathers these interviews, reveals the real answers about what tempts women to cheat and how they handle their marriages when they do, and what the short- and long-term effects of infidelity are.
RICHARD Madeley has been ranting in Heat magazine about Jude Law's infidelity.