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Once they reach designated positions, the Navy's Operations Command will issue an emergency order to the nearby destroyer to locate infiltrating submarines, according to the official.
Summary: The Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai quoted a Lebanese security source as saying Thursday that large numbers of Palestinian militants belonging to Fatah al-Intifada and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) have been infiltrating Lebanon from Syria and heading to military bases in Deir al-Achayer, Al-Hilweh, and Qoussaya in the Bekaa.
In this CAD-based, fully automated process, tool inserts are made by laser sintering powdered A6 tool steel and then infiltrating the "green" part with molten bronze.
After six months, the arteries of mice exposed to airborne particles and fatty chow had the most plaque, the least ability to relax, the greatest tendency to constrict, and the most infiltrating immune cells, a sign of inflammation.
Moreover, they say, the United States needs to integrate with Mexico (and Canada) to be able to compete with the European Union and China in trade, and so that our new integration partners can aid the United States in stopping terrorists from infiltrating our country.
Written in bite-sized chunks of action organized by date, the saga traces the exploits of a group of hackers who found infiltrating target corporation software remarkably easy.
Every agent infiltrating a drug cartel is an agent who could be infiltrating a terrorist cell.
And, thus, what is to prevent a person from infiltrating the supermarkets and sprinkling a bit of biostuff on some veggies?
Depending on the type of infiltrating binder system, different properties can be obtained.
Is there any way to prevent the men's movement from infiltrating America's finest companies?
Edgar Hoover delighted in infiltrating leftist groups but banned undercover work against the Mafia, allowing its corruptions to flourish.