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All the 100 children received both pre cooling and local anesthetic gel application before infiltration anesthesia.
In this study, maxillary infiltration anesthesia was used to assess the efficacy of local anesthetic solution because maxillary infiltration has a higher rate of suc- cess than mandibular anesthesia.
Patients who reached MRSS=4 were oxygenized 4L/minute, with nasal cannula and administered local infiltration anesthesia (Ultracain(r)).
After local infiltration anesthesia, a syringe was used as finder needle to obliquely penetrate the skin toward the right nipple until blood was aspirated.
Circular infiltration anesthesia was done at umbilical region using 2% Lignocaine.
Local anesthesia consists of topical anesthesia and infiltration anesthesia.
Administer local infiltration anesthesia without the direct personal supervision of a registered dentist.